About us

Hello! Welcome at Shop by Lu!
Shop by Lu was born to bring together the passion for good taste and for accessorize launched in 2019. What I learned is that when it comes to building your own style this is fulfilled by the best match. 
It it not enough to wear the perfect clothes without a special touch given to the power of accessorizing. 
For me personally I think I have learned that confidence is what makes you charming but also good way of combining clothes and accessories. I wish for everyone to find here what they are looking for.
All new models and fashionable are here to offer you the greatness you all ladies and men want to achieve.
We are very pleased in offering you our products and helping you achieve the great look.
We are a new company and a growing family which wants to develop by giving our customers what they need and we are willing to adapt by bringing in the most asked products you want present here.
We want our clients to live in style and be stylish in our shop by Lu, because we want to empower the one who are visiting our website and make them feel great and charming.